Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Parkour training ?!

The parkour fail video reminded me of this video that im not quite sure for what they're doing this training but i guess it would do well for those polish guys dont you?! (except for the punches..)

Parkour Fail

I guess the name says it all .. Enjoy!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Motivational video


I know that is not a funny video but its something to keep you going trough problems of life and never lose hope.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Megaupload #2

Two of the seven arrested in the process that led to the closure of the Megaupload will be released upon payment of deposit

   Justice in New Zealand decided to keep the founder of the prison site storage and file sharing, Kim Schmitz, but accepted the arguments of the chief programmer and the head of marketing, considering that there is no danger of leakage

The four arrested in New Zealand under the case Megaupload

    Bram van der Kolk, 29, and Finn Potatoes, 38, were arrested on Thursday last week in Auckland, New Zealand, along with Kim Schmitz (aka Dotcom in the middle like Kim, 38) and Mathias Ortmann, 40, an operation coordinated by the FBI. The North Shore District Court should rule on Friday ordered the release of that suspect. 

    New Zealand Judge David McNaughton stressed that took into account the concerns of U.S. officials regarding the request for the release of the chief programmer Megaupload, Bram van der Kolk. "However, the possibility of his relapse through a site that is outside the jurisdiction of the United States is a factor that is completely beyond the control of this court," explained the judge McNaughton, quoted on the website of Radio New Zealand. 
    The court denied bail to the founder of the site, considering that Kim Schmitz could flee the country, although it had been confiscated his passport and credit cards. 
    The New Zealand justice is also assessing the request for extradition to the United States Schmitz - a complex decision because the main suspect in this case was born in Germany, also has Finnish citizenship and residence in New Zealand and Hong Kong. In addition to these four suspects , were also arrested three other officials Megaupload, since during this week - the webdesigner Bencke Julius, 35 years, the sales manager Sven Echternach, 39, and the team leader of software development, Andrus Nommo, 32 years - all accused of crimes related to violation of copyright and reproduction, extortion and money laundering. According to a statement from the U.S. Department of Justice, the Megaupload "generated more than $ 175 million through criminal activities" and caused "more 500 million dollars in damage to the holders of rights. " In response to the closure of Megaupload, the group Anonymous has unleashed an online attack involving more than 5600 people. 
   The concerted attack had targeted sites of government agencies and the U.S. music industry and film. A "bombing" of service requests that blocked sites such as the FBI itself.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Watch it closely

Megaupload #1

The New Zealand justice denied bail Dotcom Kim, the founder of the site Megaupload, ended last week in a FBI operation.

   The judge found no risk of flight and Dotcom will remain detained until 22 February. It has not been disclosed to any decision regarding the request for release of the other three men arrested in the same operation. New Zealand Justice is now evaluating the request for extradition to the U.S. dotcom. Dotcom (formerly known as Kim Schmitz) is German, but also has Finnish citizenship and residence in New Zealand and Hong Kong. The four are accused of online piracy and money laundering.

Hacker group "Anonymous" attacks Sony

   The well-known group of hackers "Anonymous" attacked the Japanese brand Sony, following the protest against the FBI, which ended the Mega Upload site sharing.

  This time the target was the multinational Sony. The group of hackers created a page to download free files from the repertoire of the address tag and released through the social network Twitter. Coming out of the file-sharing site Mega Upload, whose founder is in custody for breach of copyright and money laundering, the group "Anonymous" launched a wave of cyber-crimes.In the first phase of the "biggest ever hacking ', as reported by the hackers, the targets were the sites of the FBI and the Department of Justice the United States.

(C) PNN Portuguese News Network


The running for the oscars began and "The Atist" is the favorite

    The list of Oscar nominations were announced today in Los Angeles, and is led by the film The Invention of Hugo , Martin Scorsese, and The Artist , Michel Hazanavicius. 
   The announcement was made ​​minutes by Academy president Arts and Sciences, Tom Sherak, and actress Jennifer Lawrence, a member of the Academy. The French silent film The Artist , which debuts next week in Portugal, is nominated for ten categories and is the only present in three main categories - Best Picture , Best Director and Best Actor. But it was The Invention of Hugo who received the most nominations, eleven, mostly in technical categories - taking Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. 
    Nominees for Best Picture are still Moneyball - Throw Risk , Bennett Miller, Warhorse , Steven Spielberg, The Descendants of Alexander Payne, Midnight in Paris , Woody Allen, The Servants , Tate Taylor, The Tree of Life , Terrence Malick, and Extremely High , Incredibly Close , by Stephen Daldry. compete for Best Actor George Clooney ( The Descendants ), Jean Dujardin ( The Artist ) Brad Pitt ( Moneyball ), Gary Oldman ( The Mole ) and Demian Bichir ( A Better Life ). 
   In females, those nominated are Meryl Streep ( The Iron Lady ), Glenn Close ( Albert Nobbs ), Michelle Williams ( My Week with Marilyn ), Viola Davis ( The Servants ) and Rooney Mara ( Millennium 1 - The Men Who Hate Women ). Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer ( as Service ), Melissa McCarthy ( The Best Bachelor Party ), Berenice Bejo ( The Artist ), Janet McTeer ( Albert Nobbs ) are listed as Secondary noemações for Best Actress, while the male names listed Kenneth Branagh ( My Week with Marilyn ), Jonah Hill ( Moneyball ), Nick Nolte ( Warrior - Combat Sibling ), Christopher Plummer ( This Is Love ) and Max von Sydow ( Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close ). The Academy Awards will be held on February 26.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Magic video

I like magic and discovered this video of this guy and he his good. There are more videos of him on degeneres, so if you like see them, they're nice.

Meanwhile in Portugal

University of Coimbra candidate for World Heritage

   The document was signed by Secretary of State for Culture, Francisco José Viegas, and includes, besides the University of Coimbra, the High Street and Sofia. UNESCO's decision should be known in late 2013.

   The University of Coimbra has today, Friday, to apply for UNESCO World Heritage Site.

   The document was signed this morning by Secretary of State for Culture, Francisco José Viegas.The dossier, with over two thousand pages, will be delivered at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, until the day on February 1. Besides the building of the University of Coimbra, and also the High Street of Sofia are part of the application.

   Before the ceremony, the Secretary of State for Culture visited the emblematic places of the area applying for World Heritage, including the Palace School, the Chapel of St. Miguel and the Baroque Library. UNESCO's decision should be known by the end of 2013.

   Here you can see students crying in "Serenata da Queima das Fitas" while listening to "Fado of Coimbra"(typical song from Coimbra sang by students of this Portuguese University). The lyrics of this song remind them of the upcoming end of their graduations and time to leave this city, their colleagues and friends.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jeff Dunham

Here's a little something of a recent show of this awesome ventriloquist and his puppets. I hope you enjoy and if you like it go out an buy, that's what I did and seen the whole show so i can say that's pretty funny.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

FunVideo #1

     This is a little something that I'll do so you can relax from the news I post. I will try to keep up with some news and a fun video. Have fun.

Facebook application allows you to say "goodbye" to friends when you die

Would you add this app?
 If so, I make you this question, "If you died tomorrow what would you say today?"

   The application is now available and allows anyone to leave a video message or text your friends. At the time of subscription, simply choose three to confirm his death.

   The Facebook is full of applications, perhaps most of them useless for most users. However, this seems like a really great idea.Original's for sure. It's called 'If I Die' ('If I die' in Portuguese) and allows anyone to make a last goodbye to your friends on Facebook .
   The user simply has to activate the application, record a video or a text message, and choose three friends to confirm his death one day.When the fateful moment happens, and after confirmation of friends, the application automatically publishes the message, in text or video, the user's Wall. More than 800 million people now have a new option to avoid anything to rest by telling anyone. 
  The official site of the application, the company responsible precisely highlights the importance of this. "It is life after death," he says. The same company ensures that data (videos and messages) are stored on secure servers. Visit http://ifidie.net/ to learn more or to activate the application on Facebook in https://apps.facebook.com/if_i_die/ .If to ask yourself: "If I died tomorrow, what would you say today?"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dog Rescue

A yellow lab is rescued from the water after falling threw the ice! A man hears a dogs cry and finds it stuck in the icy waters of the Indian River! Theresa Fire Dept. responds and rescues the dog after several close calls of being swept under the ice by the currant!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dogs are Awesome

      No matter what kind the dog you have, i'm sure this will make you cry of happiness and make sure you give a good hug to your dog at the end of the video because they demonstrate without any problems the love they have for you.

Doberman Thanks Fireman

    I just read it a few days ago but i've found that its a bit older than i expected and the photo that was on the news was the one above but i found another info. What do you think?!

    One of the most popular Doberman photographs on the web is that of the fireman being licked by a Doberman. The photo really is memorable and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Now like some things circulating on the internet, the story is not all factual. Thanks to the Snopes website we have the real story behind this photo. (Snopes investigates rumours and urban legends to get the real facts.)

     Although the photo is real, the details have been altered a bit. The photo was taken during a house fire in 1999 and shows fireman Jeff Clark being licked by a pregnant, red Doberman named “Cinnamon”. The photo description has people believe that Cinnamon was thanking the firefighter for carrying her out the burning house, saving her life.
    What in fact occurred at the time, during the fire there was already one dog outside in the yard and another one ran out of the house on it’s own. At the moment that the firefighter knelt down and removed his mask, Cinnamon walked over and licked him at the most opportune timing for photographer Patrick Schneider. A little bit of heart-warming history preserved forever.
    Jeff Clark works for the Charlotte Fire Department. Pregnant, Cinnamon did give birth to five puppies and eventually passed away in 2005. Thanks Cinnamon and Jeff for this warm fuzzy moment, and Patrick for the great shot.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Common Sense (not)

The lack of common sense forced the conductor of the New York Philharmonic interrupted on Thursday evening, a concert hall in New York, the concert was to drive until an iPhone to stop playing.

    The orchestra was in the final of 9. Th symphony of Gustav Mahler, when in the first row of an audience which sat about 2700 people, a mobile phone begins to ring with a ring called "marimba," one of those who have installed the iPhone. As the phone kept ringing, the conductor decided to land the baton, stop the concert and back to back claims that the phone was off.
    According to Alan Gilbert later told NBC, the sound of the phone was "more than annoying, it was destructive." It was the first time Gilbert stopped a concert. "It's shocking when you do that, simply because we are not waiting for the flow of music would be interrupted. So I said, 'I know it's embarrassing. To turn it off will have to admit that it's your phone. Do this so we can return to music. '" 

   There are reports of other mobile phones that soared over the orchestra's concerts, but they are usually turned off by protests from some viewers. 

     I know this is a bit "old" but i remembered it and thought on sharing with you and with it a video of the orchestra for those who never heard it. It's not my style but its important to keep a open mind inf life, therefore to all kind of music.

Internet = (new)drug ?

"Excessive" internet has the same effects in the brain that the consumption of drugs and alcohol. 

     The conclusion is the result of a study by Chinese scientists monitored the brain activity of 35 people. The changes that occur in the brain are identical. Of the 35 men and women studied, 17 reported being addicted to the Internet. The cases of addiction had differences in white matter , the part of the brain's nerve fibers in relation to non-addicts: changes are similar to cases of people who have drug or alcohol addiction .

    The results were obtained by MRI that revealed changes in parts of the brain related to emotions and self-control . "The results also indicate that Internet addiction may share neurological and psychological mechanisms with other types of addictions and disorders of impulse control," said study leader Hao Law, Academy of Sciences of China.
    The study was funded by the Natural Science Foundation of China and opens a new chapter in studies of effects between consumption and changes in internet users. Although the sample is relatively small , the results have some scientific validation and may be the step to study a broader spectrum.

That being said, what do you think?!