Sunday, March 18, 2012

Surf Video

Since im always trying to disclose "new" things to you guys,here goes another. 
This is Gabriel “freak” Medina, and for you that like surf you probably know him but for those who don't its good to see cuz there's some fine chics in the video.
This is the result of a few encounters with Gabriel on the North Shore season of 2011.

Fun Video #3

This guy here is Josh Blue and he has cerebral paralysis but he is a great comedian and a great example of the power and determination of the human being. Just watch it and share too.

Austrian jump from an altitude of 71,500 feet

An Austrian jumped on Thursday from an altitude of 71,581 feet, or 21.8824 km, a project sponsored by Red Bull ... but it was just a test, since Felix Baumgartner plans to jump from 90,000 feet this summer.

Reaching speeds of just under 643 km/h during the fall, the man plans his next stunt jumping from a height of 37 km, breaking the record set in 1960 (31.37 km).
Baumgartner came from Roswell, New Mexico, in a pressurized capsule, and was raised by a helium balloon.

Diablo III

Diablo 3 released on May 15

     The studio Blizzard confirmed this Thursday, the third installment of the Diablo series will be released on May 15th for PC, but must be purchased initially, via digital, meaning you need to do the 'download'. "After many years of hard work in development and after being tested in the Beta, thousands of players around the world, we are now in the final. We hope to provide the final version of Diablo 3 from May 15, "said CEO Mike Morhaime. In Diablo 3 players will be able to incarnate into five classes of warriors: Barbarian, Monk, two types warlocks and a hunter of demons.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Samsung Flexible AMOLED Display at CES 2011

Only saw it now and I think its very nice, the future awaits us .. Just wanted to share with you guys.

Monday, March 5, 2012

World's Strongest Kids

There's really nothing to be said. Just see it and say what you think.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life in 45 seconds

Life is short, enjoy it while you can!
(This is the life of a man in 45s)

84th Oscar Academy Awards

"The Artist" and "Hugo" dominated the ceremony of the Oscars : each movie won 5 oscars. As predicted, Maryl Streep took home the oscar of best actress and did one of the most emotional speech of the night.

The 84th Annual Academy Awards Awards® was broadcast live on the ABC Television Network from the Hollywood and Highland Center, in Hollywood, CA, Sunday, February 26, 2012.

Oscar-winning actor Christopher Plummer, winner for Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for his role in "Beginners"; 
Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer, winner for Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for her role in "The Help"; 
Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep, winner for Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for her role in "The Iron Lady"; 
Oscar-winning actor Jean Dujardin, winner for Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for his role in "The Artist", pose backstage. 

Here are the rest of the list of the winners:

Picture - The Artist
Animated Feature Film - Rango
Cinematography - Hugo
Art Direction - Hugo
Costume Design - The Artist
Directing - The Artist
Documentary Feature - Undefeated
Documentary Short - Saving Face
Film Editing - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Foreign Language Film - Iran, "A Separation"
Makeup - The Iron Lady
Music (Original Score) - The Artist
Music (Original Song) - "Man or Muppet" from THE MUPPETS
Short Film (Animated) - The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr.Morris Lessmore
Short Film (Live Action) - The Shore
Sound Editing - Hugo
Sound Mixing - Hugo
Visual Effects - Hugo
Writing (Adapted Screenplay) - The Descendants
Writing (Original Screenplay) - Midnight in Paris

Ten most dangerous cities for surfing the Net

The city of Manchester, UK, is the most dangerous to surf the Net, according to a study. Amsterdam and Stockholm complete the "podium" of the most dangerous cities for the Internet.

     According to a study of companies Sperling's BestPlaces and Norton, the city of Manchester, UK, is the most dangerous for those who surf the Internet.Here are Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Stockholm, Sweden. The "top 10" still has Paris in fourth place, followed by London, Dublin, Milan, Rome, Barcelona and Berlin. 

     This analysis is based on data on cybercrime, provided by Symantec, a maker of security software, and information about the lifestyle of consumers on the Internet. "In our assessment, we consider a number of factors that can potentially affect safety online," ensures Bert Sperling, founder of Spertling's BestPlaces. Among the data, the company determined the ranking by examining the behavior of many consumers, emphasizing the number PCs and smartphones used per capita, and access to social networks and the use of Wi-Fi hotspots potentially unsafe.

Cybercrime >> Terrorism ?

Cybercrime will become more dangerous than terrorism, FBI defends.

     Although the U.S. organization currently has more than a thousand agents to work in fighting cybercrime, the head of the FBI believes that soon, this threat becomes more serious than terrorism and that organizations that spread may be treated organized groups worldwide, including al Qaeda.

   So says Robert Mueller, who attended a meeting in San Francisco, United States: "In the very near future it is expected that cyber crime is our biggest threat, bigger than terrorism," said the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Mueller seems to be all a matter of time since, to date, hackers have not yet 'reminded' of making an offensive on the world ladder. If this happens, the game is a certainty that the damages are well over a Sept. 11, for example.

       All over the world are increasingly, that as a protest or sometimes for only fun, strong security measures violate several systems and enter without permission. The Anonymous group, for example, is of the most organized and has branches all over the planet.

Megaupload #3

Kim Schmitz: "I am not the king of piracy. I just give online storage space"

   The well-known leader of Megaupload, currently on parole, spoke to The Guardian where he asserts that his case is compared to the situation of the United States with weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. 'Dotcom' also says that piracy exists only because the U.S. government has a monopoly.

    Kim Schmitz spoke for the first time a media organization, after being released by New Zealand courts, they saw no risk of a possible leakage of the computer programmer. Always well prepared, 'Dotcom', nickname for what is known in Internet attacks the United States and the policies of the issues of protected content "piracy exists only because people do not have access to content all at once. In Europe, a person can only see a movie long after he left the United States. If you could see at the same time, there would be so much piracy, "said the creator of Megaupload. But Schmitz goes much further and even compares U.S. policies to the situation in Iraq: "This is like the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. If you have a political aim in view, all you do and say anything to achieve it, "he says.

      In the same statements to The Guardian, Kim Schmitz tries to take the label placed on it ever since: "I am not the king of piracy . I only provide a space for data storage and bandwidth to users," he says. 
      Remember that Kim Schmitz was released last Feb. 22 after the judge had not put into question the hypothesis of the creator of Megaupload come to escape the the country.

        Since 2005, the year that was released Megaupload, it is estimated that Kim has profited nearly 175 million euros with the site.