Friday, April 6, 2012

Google unveils Project Glass: futuristic glasses augmented reality

Google yesterday unveiled a project called "Glass Project", which fits very well in that kind of technology you hitherto believed to be a thing of fiction films, but just do not know if it gets too excited or afraid of the future.

The Glass Project is an eye that uses augmented reality, putting in your field of view several features that today we need to make the smartphone, such as viewing reports, navigate through maps, answer calls, among others. Watch the video released on Google + to better understand.

The project is being developed in the laboratory Google [x] and has its front three experts from different field. Babak Parviz, professor from the University of Washington and has done work with lenses of short stories intelligent; Steve Lee works with Google Latitude and new services based on the history of users, and Sebastian Thrun, a professor at Stanford University and the team that developed the Google autonomous car.

The Glass Project is still in early development. Therefore, the more you want to feel like Tony Stark with an interface designed into your helmet titanium alloy with gold, do not expect it to become a real product later this year. For now, he is more a concept than a product.

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