Sunday, April 15, 2012

SmartWatch with Android

Sony launches SmartWatch, a clock with Android

Watches that function as mobile phones are not new, but this time Sony has this "clock" which is a complement to its Android smartphone.

The Sony SmartWatch was presented at CES 2012 but just now hit the market, including the U.S., with a 1.3 inch screen.

The Sony SmartWatch is a clock that comes with an Android modified to work in the clock , but use your smartphone to make the majority of shares. This was to be an integration with your smartphone which will, besides the use of several applications also use the internet.

The clock is to be seen as a remote control of your smartphone. You can see Facebook or Twitter, and read emails and texting. It also serves to know who's calling without having to remove the smartphone's phone and take action on the clock, rejecting and sending a message indicating it is busy.

This clock appears still limited, it runs through the mobile phone, rather than having an independent use, however, may be a good starting terms of being able to function as a watch mobile at the highest level.

The Sony SmartWatch is on sale for $ 150, no release date for the clock in Europe.

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